Rules of Entry
1. Supermodel England Applicants must be aged 16-29 years. (Applicants can be aged 15 at the time of entry, if they will have turned 16 by the end of the competition year). If aged 15-17 years, parental permission to enter will be required.
2. Supermodel England Applicants can be single, married, divorced, with or without children.
3. Applicants' legal gender must be female.
4. Applicants must hold a Valid, In Date UK Passport with at least 2 years remaining on the date of the passport. 
5. Applicants must be of good moral character and must conduct herself in a professional manner throughout the Supermodel England competition.
6. Applicants must act with good sportsmanship throughout the entirety of the Supermodel England competition.
7. Applicants accept that the judges decision is fair and final and is based on a points based system that will be communicated to finalists prior to the live final. No disputes will be entered into following the announcement of the winners. 
8. Applicants accept that the Supermodel England competition, its organisers, sponsors or associated businesses or persons are not responible for the loss or damage or any of the applicants personal items during any part of the competition.
9. Applicants accept that winners prizes may change at any time and for any reason. No replacement is guarateed. 
10. Applicants accept that they may be disqualified from the Supermodel England competition at any time, should their behaviour or conduct be deemed as inappropriate or outside of these stated rules of entry. No refunds will be given for any aspect of the contest, e.g. tickets to live final, sponsorship, etc.
11. Applicants accept that they may be disqualified from the Supermodel England competition at any time should the behaviour or conduct of their friends and family at the live final or in the run up to the competition is deemed inappropriate, unsportsman like or likely to bring the reputation of the Supermodel England into disrepute. No refunds will be given.
12. Applicants understand that a small third-party business sponsorship fee of £195 is required to confirm their place in the competition if their application is successful. Finalists who have won a direct regional heat DO NOT need an additional sponsor. Sponsorships are strictly non-refundable. More information on sponsorships can be found in Finalist Information Packs if a applicant is accepted.
13. Applicants accept that if taking part in a regional heat, they will be under the rules of the regional heat/director and will have no dealings with the Supermodel England organisers unless they are announced as a regional heat winner and thus become a Supermodel England finalist.
14. Applicants accept that if they win one of the titles they will not be permitted to enter any other modelling competition or pageant for one year from the date of them winning the title or until after the international final, whichever is latest.